"Empowering women and children affected by trafficking through safety and education."

Ally Global's "The Twelve Thousand"

At Crossridge, we're excited about the Christmas season and all it brings, including our yearly Christmas giving project. As a church, we are mission focused, and we want to take the opportunity as we prepare for our own celebrations to corporately lift our eyes up to see and meet the needs of others. 

This year, we want to once again support the work of Ally Global. Ally Global’s mission is to empower women and children affected by trafficking through safety and education.

Last year, we raised money towards the purchase of land in hopes of Ally Global building more safe houses for women and children in need. It is our hope this year, to make a another significant addition to the purchase of this land. We are excited about the vision and mission of this organization to bring gospel hope and justice to the vulnerable, and we would like to invite you to partner with us this Christmas to support them.

Last year we screened the film, "The Twelve Thousand," at the Clova. It was produced by Ally Global and follows a young girl named Sona and her experience with human trafficking. 

We're encouraging Crossridgers to watch the film, visit the Ally Global website to read up on their work, and consider joining as a church family to give toward this important ministry.

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact info@crossridgechurch.ca