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At Christmastime, Crossridgers come together to support a project through financial gifts.

This year, we're looking to raise support for various projects taking place at the Beautiful Gate Childcare Centre in Lesotho. We have a team of Crossridge folk heading to Beautiful Gate in early 2019 to assist with some great ministry opportunities.

It's our goal to raise $10k to be sent along to go toward needs such as:

  • Purchase of an office photocopier
  • Construction of Pre-School building addition
  • Construction of Child Development Centre
  • Purchase of a transport shuttle

Beautiful Gate is a ministry close to the heart of Crossridge, and it's been encouraging to partner with them over the last several years. We're excited about these opportunities and are looking forward to seeing how they help with the mission God has given them to care for these kids.

If you'd like to give via check, please drop it at the ConnectDesk in the lobby on Sunday (be sure to designate your gift to "2018 Christmas Project" on your envelope).

If you'd like to give via credit card, please click the link below and ensure that you've selected the "Christmas Project" fund.

More information about the team heading to Lesotho, Beautiful Gate, and the projects taking place, visit