Join us this winter as we study Psalm 107. It reminds us that each season of life is an opportunity to reveal the anchor of our souls. In this Bible study we will learn to face each season of life with courage and trust in Jesus, and discover how tests in our journeys of faith reveal the true condition of our hearts. For there is no fear for the one who fears the Lord, the one whose soul is anchored in His steadfast love.
We have 3 options for you to choose from. Monthly, meeting on Friday nights once a month, beginning January 19. Evenings, meeting every-other Wednesday night beginning January 24. Mornings, meeting weekly on Thursdays, beginning January 25.
The cost is $20, and we ask that everyone register online via the links below.
PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to purchase the book and study along at home but are unable to attend a gathering, please register with the monthly group. This will allow us to connect with you through email. 
CHILDCARE is available for ABIDE MORNINGS $25.00/Child, max $40.00/family Please note our childcare is very limited. If you have other options available for your child(ren) we encourage you to make use of them to leave spots open for others.