I'm in my second year working with Mercy Ships off the coast of West Africa. Mercy Ships is a surgery ship that spends a year in each country providing medical care that people wouldn't receive otherwise. We follow the 2000 year old model of Jesus, providing hope and healing to the world's forgotten poor. I work with the dental team and make partial dentures for young people who need their teeth extracted because of lack of oral hygiene care and education. We aim to restore dignity, social acceptance and give them more opportunities in life.


Prayer: As Mercy Ships does medical missions in Jesus' name, my prayer is that those we come in contact with will be impacted in a way that makes them want to know God and pass on His love to others. We have thousands of patients each year, about 250 hired local workers/translators and many medical professionals involved in our medical capacity training programs. I pray that those trained will be able to help their own people both medically and with sharing God's love long after we've sailed to the next country.

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