CROSSRIDGE YOUTH exists to help students know Jesus and make him known. 


Every Wednesday night (excluding school breaks and holidays) - 7PM @ The Clova. Gr. 6-12 students will get together for good times, worship, teaching and small groups.


Once a month we'll be having a good-times event for each of our student age groups (gr. 6-8 and 9-12 gathering separately). You can find these posted in the events section of the website, or by heading to CRYOUTH.CA (also by following us at one -- or all -- of the social media links below).


JR YOUTH (gr. 6-8): On Sundays, we encourage our students' families to come together to the 9:00 gathering. Then, during the 10:30, our Jr. High will head to the58 for hangouts, teaching, and small groups.

SR YOUTH (gr. 9-12): Sr. High students are encouraged to serve 2 Sundays/month in our CRKids ministry, tech ministry...or anywhere they can get plugged in! One Sunday each month, our Sr. High will be getting together during the 10:30 gathering for what we like to call "Savoury Sunday." We grab breakfast together and chat through how faith is lived out in the day to day stuff of life. On the weeks that Sr Youth are not serving or enjoying "Savoury Sunday," they join the Jr Youth at the58 during the 10:30 gathering.


If you have any questions, use the form below to let us know, or email [email protected]

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