For the time being, our regular Sunday and mid-week gatherings are on hold. When they resume, we'll post our schedule here.

Watch OUR INSTAGRAM for updates

Things look a lot different right now...

...but the ministry of Crossridge Young Adults is very much active and continuing. To find out what we’re doing and how to be involved just head over to our Crossridge Young Adults page.

While we continue to be cautious we also continue to be the Church, caring for neighbours and friends in this unique time in our world. We're also looking for new ways to engage in the Word and with one another. Keep scrolling down the page to find out about a group reading plan, teaching resources, and ways to meet as a group using the blessings we have via social media and other avenues.

Our hope through all of this upheaval is to support and care for each member of our community in whatever ways we can meet each diverse need. Contact us at any time by filling out the contact form below.

RightNow Media
"The Netflix of Bible Studies"

Let’s face it, we’ve all got some extra time on our hands so let’s make the best of it. Right Now media is a great tool for teaching and study during this time apart. There is a massive library of resources and information right at your finger tips.

If you don't have a RightNow account, CLICK HERE to sign up.

Bible Reading Plan

Covid or not, we need to be in the Word so Crossridge Young adults as a group are working through. A reading plan in the book of James.

You probably already have the app, but if not, click the button below. If you're already set up with the app, click the "JOIN PLAN" button to sign up for the challenge and invite friends, it’s that easy.


Even if you're self-isolating or practicing social distancing, community can (and should) still be part of your day-to-day living! We're encouraging our community groups stay connected and care for one another. This is a great chance for you to practice being the Body of Christ, helping those in quarantine, those in our comunity with compromised immune systems.

When it comes to regular meeting times, we want to continue meeting together over Zoom. Stay tuned to Instagram for dates/times/invitation links. If you need some help getting started with Zoom meetings, watch the video below. If you've watched it and still need some help, use the contact form below to ask for assistance.



Using ZOOMâ„¢ for Community Group Online

Planning an online CG "gathering"? Watch this tutorial for installation and usage instructions, as well as some tips to better the experience.

CR Young Adults

Crossridge Young Adults is a wide and diverse group of people who come together to seek and love the Lord. Student? Single? Young married? Even in this sometimes strange and unsure time we continue to gather and celebrate Christ in anyway we can.