Let's Talk: Marijuana

Let's Talk: Marijuana

On February 22, indoubt (a ministry of Back to the Bible Canada) will be hosting an event, at the Clova, to discuss the upcoming legalization of marijuana in Canada, and help Christians think critically and biblically about the issue.

From the indbout website:


"What is the Christian perspective on marijuana?"

"Is it okay to smoke pot recreationally?"

"What about using marijuana for medicinal purposes?"

"Is ingesting pot similar to drinking alcohol?"

These are questions that are becoming more and more relevant today, and it’s important for Christians to begin thinking critically and biblically about them. That’s why indoubt is hosting its second indoubt:live event on this very subject. Let’s Talk Marijuana will include three 15-minute presentations by three speakers tackling marijuana as it relates to the Bible and faith, culture, and the physical body. The presentations will be followed by a live Q&A panel with the speakers.

Speakers include Dr. John Neufeld (Bible teacher of Back to the Bible Canada), Dr. Mark Ward (co-author of Can I Smoke Pot? Marijuana in Light of Scripture), and Dr. Lucinda McQuarrie (Family Doctor/GP in British Columbia).

For more details, and to register, visit:

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