Life on mission together...

Even if you're self-isolating or practicing social distancing, community can (and should) still be part of your day-to-day living! We're encouraging our community groups stay connected and care for one another. This is a great chance for you to practice being the Body of Christ, helping those in quarantine, those in our community with compromised immune systems.

For the time being, our groups have all gone online, using services like Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, or Skype (and probably others we're not aware of). Check with your CG leader to see how your group is planning to "gather." If your group needs help getting virtual gatherings set up, use the contact form below to let us know.

If you haven't connected with a Community Group yet...this could actually be a great time to do so! Since our groups are meeting online, things like childcare and geographic location aren't as big of a road block. If you're  interested in getting plugged in to a group, click the link below to let us know. For general questions about Community Groups, use the form below.



Questions about Community Groups?