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Christmas Service Opportunities

Hey all... We're looking for some volunteers to help with a few Christmas events happening in and around the Clova this December. The first is the Surrey Santa Parade of Lights on December 3rd. We need some folks to... Read More

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The Shape Of Grace [SERIES]

Grace is a word that gets used a lot.  The bank gives us a grace period.  Politicians fall from grace.  The host of a party might be described as gracious.  A dancer can be described as graceful.  We use the word as... Read More

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OPERATION: Baby Bottle

Every year, hundreds of local women and families are impacted by the life-changing ministry of Pregnancy Options.  They rely completely on the donations of the community to enable them to continue to support,... Read More

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The Kingdom of Heaven turns everything upside down. Jesus tells us that the way to gain our life is to lose it. He tells us the last will be first and the first will be last. He says that whoever wishes to be great... Read More

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SOLA [new series]

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of The Protestant Reformation. The Reformation was built upon the conviction that the way to be right with God wasn’t through the keeping of religious rituals, but through an... Read More


Women's Retreat 2017

In today’s culture, the pressure to be more, have more, and do more can leave us feeling tired. Join us for this year’s CR Women’s Retreat as we explore the way to contentment. Laugh, rest, and fellowship together... Read More

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TriCity Church Plant News

Crossridge Church was planted 5 years ago with a commitment to knowing Jesus and making him known. We have said from the beginning that we are not looking to gather a holy huddle of Christians content to be... Read More

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Christmas Giving Project

Each Christmas, we come together as a church and give toward a project to benefit overseas missions efforts. In the past we've given toward GAiN's Water For Life Initiative and micro-loans for women in developing... Read More

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A great way to stay on top of all that's happening at Crossridge is to download the CR app for iOS and Android. You'll find general info, calendars and media and can use it to ask questions and join up with a... Read More

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[SERIES] In The Beginning

The Book of Genesis is the ultimate origins story.  The book tells us what happened in the beginning and what went wrong.  It explains why our world is so beautiful and so broken.  It helps us understand human... Read More